Constitutional Litigation and Consultation

The Constitution of the United States of America - We the People

Mullen Taylor enjoys practicing constitutional law and has achieved positive results for her clients facing constitutional challenges. Constitutional litigation can be complex and costly, with potentially high liability exposure to public entities. For this reason, when faced with constitutional challenges, local and state government should turn to attorneys such as Mullen who regularly practice constitutional law. Not only does she defend public entities against constitutional claims, she also proactively advises public entities on how to reduce exposure to constitutional challenges. In addition, Mullen engages in attorney consultation arrangements to advise other attorneys handling constitutional claims. Mullen’s experience includes:

  • Defeating at the trial level takings and due process challenges to a local government’s floodplain management ordinances, with alleged potential liability exceeding $40 million, which she is now defending on appeal before the South Carolina Supreme Court.
  • Defending and ultimately settling on mutually favorable terms First Amendment challenges to a local government ordinance regulating adult cabarets and in the process, substantially revising her client’s ordinances to meet constitutional requirements concerning regulation of adult businesses.
  • Defeating on summary judgment takings, due process, and equal protection claims brought against a local government in the context of service fees and taxes.
  • Advising a local government client concerning threatened litigation involving South Carolina’s constitutional protection of navigable waterways.
  • Advising a government client concerning provisions of the United States Constitution conferring original jurisdiction to the United States Supreme Court to decide interstate water disputes.

Mullen’s knowledge of constitutional law enables her to advise and defend elected officials concerning defamation law as well as claims brought against government officials and local governments under 42 U.S.C. § 1983.