Local Government

Local Governement Law - columbia sc cityscape at night timeMullen Taylor possesses a unique depth and breadth of experience in local government issues. Prior to becoming a lawyer, she worked in the Richland County Administrator’s Office for approximately six years, rising to the level of Assistant to the County Administrator. As a result of this experience, she has gained valuable insight and understanding of local government functions. This background has enabled her to represent and advise counties and cities with a real understanding of their needs. And she provides valuable insight to private sector clients who interact with local governments.

In her local government practice, Mullen’s representation ranges from providing general advice and counsel, reviewing and drafting ordinances, negotiating and drafting contracts and agreements, and defending cities and counties in civil litigation. Her local government practice has thus far included the following subject matters:

  • Zoning, land use planning, and land development permitting
  • Stormwater management
  • Development agreements
  • Floodplain management
  • Permitting issues under sections 404 and 402 of the Clean Water Act
  • Economic development
  • Municipal utilities
  • Municipal finance law, excluding bond work
  • Business license issues
  • Legislative privilege in relation to civil actions
  • Takings, Due Process and First Amendment law
  • Water rights under common law and statutory law
  • Navigability and public access to water bodies
  • Solid waste planning
  • Freedom of Information Act
  • Sustainability issues in relation to water conservation

Mullen has also given back to her community through her appointments to various volunteer roles including co-chairing the City of Columbia Mayor’s transition team committee on sustainability and environmental issues, and helping to plan a sustainability roundtable discussion among City leaders.